Day: January 13, 2022

Daily Devotion for January 13, 2022

If you go to a drive-thru to place an order, then arrive to the window & got exactly what you order, would you be shocked, surprised, or in disbelief? Well, you shouldn’t be because you’re getting exactly what you ordered. If we wouldn’t be surprised with a fast food restaurant, why do we act shocked when God give us what we ask for? It may reveals that we doubt God’s ability, we lack knowledge pertaining to God’s Word or we have some spiritual insecurities. Sometimes, we would even go to God’s spiritual drive-thru to place our order (or prayer requests) & drive off without going to the window because of impatience or we doubt that He would answer our prayers. Know that God has our best interests in His heart & will give us what we NEED that will ultimately fulfill our wants. Don’t let anything or anybody make you question God’s love or care for you. Remember, when you trust God & place your order, you can go up to the window & drive off without checking your bag. Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater