The Girl Who was Her Brother’s Keeper is a book that talks about the deep love & protective nature that my sister Sheila Prater had towards me. Sheila & I were extremely close & shared many of life’s experiences together. I could always count on Sheila. She was more than my sister; she was my BEST FRIEND! We had an unspoken language where we knew each other thoughts, words, or feelings. Our connection was always felt, even to her final hours.

This book was written to pay tribute to the memories of the hero who protected me, the teacher who taught me & the person I loved the most... My one & only sister, Sheila Prater!



A Few Good Men is a book for both men & women. It gives you an in-depth look into the important role fathers play, especially their impact in a child's life. It shows you statistics and the impact inactive fathers have on the families. It also expresses many topics and issues men & women face from day to day. This book is considered a MUST READ by many people!!!

A Few Good Men was written to inform men the needs & responsibilities to their families, children, children's mother or spouse, dating tips, to inform women the needs of men & to give single women the qualities of a potential future husband &/or father to present &/or future children.

Plus, the book also includes several simple applications, encouragements, tools for handling different situations you may face in life & much, much more!