Day: January 10, 2022

Daily Devotion for January 10, 2022

Important information!
When you’re in an abusive relationship (regardless if you’re dating or married), that person is trying to place themselves as your god. See, they’ll control your life with physical, verbal, mental or even spiritual abuse, control what you can or can’t do, separate you from friends & family & potentially take your life. If a person has to use lies or manipulation on you, that’s witchcraft. Listen! That is NOT the True & Living God’s character, nor is it His will for you to be with that monster. Unlike that fake god, our Heavenly Father will NOT force Himself nor His Will upon you. He made you a free moral agent with your own mind & voice. God is LOVE & has your best interests in His heart. Just as much as God loves you, He has someone for you who loves you. If you’re in a toxic relationship, God has provided a way out. Don’t worry about what folks think or says. They aren’t the ones living a nightmare. This is a life or death situation…. YOURS! #Get out, get help & don’t look back! #Stop Domestic Violence! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater