Day: January 8, 2022

Daily Devotion for January 8, 2022

Somebody needs to hear this!
If you would attend a person’s funeral if they died, you could attend that person’s life with a visit or phone call BEFORE they died. Don’t wait for you to have to change all your plans to make it to their funeral to see them for the last time, when you have a chance to see them alive NOW. Death doesn’t discriminate toward anyone. When you think of someone, REACH OUT! God may be placing them on your heart for a reason. And don’t just say you’ll pray for them either….. REACH OUT! You may be the one that person wants to hear from that would encourage, motivate or for them to know that they matter. What would you do if the ones you took for granted suddenly died or something happened to them? Appreciate folks now & not just because they did something for you. Appreciate them for who they are. You have a chance to do something NOW, so take advantage of it TODAY! You don’t want to live a life full of regrets because you didn’t listen to what I told you! Remember, you’re seeing this message for a reason. #Tomorrow ain’t promised, but today is granted! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater