Day: January 4, 2022

Daily Devotion for January 4, 2022

28 years ago, I started at the Dallas County Sheriff Department! I had no experience or no clue why I was there. There have been some ups & down that would have made some folks quit (and some folks actually did). I’ve been lie on & lie to, but I’ve always believed in doing the right thing, being honest, a man of faith, commitment, a man of integrity & putting my trust in God. One day, I asked God, “Why in the world am I working there?” God told me, “I sent you to work in the jail house to prepare you for the church house!” OUCH!!! Today, I thank God for carrying me this for & helping me to be the man, father, minister I am today. I thank everyone who has helped me & been on this journey with me. Even to all who had hurt me, lie to me or did ungodly things to try to damage my reputation or career, I forgive you & thank you for the teachable lesson I learnt. I hope that I made God & those who care for me proud & to be an example of Christ. #Thank you! #1 year 4 months & 27 days ’til retirement! #brotherprater
Brother Prater