Day: January 16, 2023

Daily Devotion for January 16, 2023

Because he had a dream & tried to bring it into reality, he was hated, jailed, threatened & ultimately killed because of his work. This man was well educated & well spoken. Even in the midst of conflict, he promoted non-violence. This man is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although he’s (physically) no longer with us, his efforts & dream still remains. Today, let’s all examine ourselves & ask, “What are we doing with OUR dream?” (Better yet, did you have a dream?) What are we doing to create a better place for our families, our communities, our nation, our world? No one can make things better by doing nothing. God has gifted all of us to be active with the skills He had given us. Stop turning Dr. King’s dream into a nightmare! Let’s start treating each other right & operate in the purpose God gave us. #Enough of the talking, let’s get to work! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater