Day: January 11, 2023

Daily Devotion for January 11, 2023

Dating or befriending the WRONG person will send you to the WRONG person’s vehicle, have the WRONG driver, sending you on the WRONG path, & making it to the WRONG destination. Being influenced by the wrong people does NOT give you the RIGHT benefits. No matter how good of a friend you “trying to be” to help someone, they are NOT your responsibility. If you’re thinking that you’re the ONLY one who could reach or help them, that’s a clear sign that you’re too emotionally invested into them & you don’t want to pray about it because God will tell you that that person(s) is NOT you’re assignment. Always be prayerful about the folks you choose in your life. Facing reality about folks is very important if you’re serious about your value & your purpose in life. Why try to change the narrative of your life, when God already completed it & said, “It was good?” Remember, if your value God, yourself & your purpose, you’ll value the decisions you make also! #Where you’re going is based upon who you choosing to go with you! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater