Day: January 10, 2023

Daily Devotion for January 10, 2023

If he doesn’t love you enough to respect you, commit to you & wants to build a life for you to give him the response of “I DO!”, then… YOU DON’T! YOU DON’T waste your time, energy, give him your sex, your advice, do chores for him, try to change him, or anything else as if you were married! Stop giving wife benefits to guys who only got you as a girlfriend (or even a friend girl). Ask God to reveal that guy’s motives, then you’ll clearly see his intentions. After He reveals them to you, you have to believe that God is showing you the truth for your best interest. Break the cycle of domestic violence, toxic, empty, or narcissistic relationships, that will eventually leaving you hurt, broken, divorced or killed. Remember, you’re never stuck in something you were not born with. You can be free without any guilt, shame or fear! #May God break every chain that had you bound! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater