Month: May 2023

Daily Devotion for May 31, 2023

Imagine a 16 year old kid goes to a gym to working out for the 1st time. As he walks around, he sees guys bench pressing 350, 375, even 400 pounds. But when he bench presses, he could only do 200 pounds. Does that mean that he has no muscles? NO! Although he can’t lift as much as the other guys, he should not feel bad or discouraged. If he continues to exercise, eat properly, rest & stay consistent in working out, he will be able to lift that about or more. Just because things didn’t go your way does NOT mean that “You ain’t got no faith!” Understand that faith is a MUSCLE that sometimes has to be exercised for it to grow. When situation rises in your life, those are opportunities for growth. See, when problems or situations comes, look up what God said about that situation & stand on those specific Scriptures about it. Fasting, praying, obedience to God, walk in forgiveness & studying His Word are tools that will give your faith muscles rapid results. Ask God to help you to have His perspective when problems come your way… I’m gonna grow from this! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Daily Devotion for May 30, 2023

Just like turning off a light switch to keep the bulb from burning out, sometimes you have to turn off everything so you won’t burn yourself out! Set healthy boundaries, exercise your rights to say ,”No!” & stop trying to be there for everybody, but you’re never there for yourself. Know that God won’t put more upon you than you could handle, BUT you sure could put more upon yourself! Stop breaking yourself down! Remember, if you want to lighten your load & reduce stress, do what Teddy Pendergrass said, “Turn off the lights!” #TURN THEM OFF!!! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Daily Devotion for May 29, 2023

For the battles that were fought
For the lessons that were taught
And the victories that were sought
For that, we say.. THANK YOU!
You made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We could never repay you for the price that was paid. Know that we will always remember you & keep your legacy alive & respected. For all that you’ve done & for all that you are, we say…. THANK YOU!!!! #Happy Memorial Day! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Daily Devotion for May 28, 2023

Why try to deal with what’s been dealing with you? When you know it’s out of your control, give it to Jesus & let Him handle it. No longer isolate yourself anymore when stepping outside will lead you to the Son! #Victory over depression & the storm! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Daily Devotion for May 27, 2023

Don’t try to find love yet lose yourself! The only One who died for the sake of love was Jesus Christ! Remember, He gave His life (for love) so you won’t have to! So, choose wisely who to love! #True love won’t hurt! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Daily Devotion for May 26, 2023

Imagine someone handing you their phone to take a picture of them. After you show them the photo, they get mad at you because the picture makes them look big, it shows holes in their clothes & their makeup looks bad. Was that your fault? NOPE! The photo only captured the same image that was in their mirror. If they chose to ignore their mirror, that’s their fault. So, don’t let folks make you feel bad or ruin your day because you show them the photo called TRUTH. Don’t let folks take their anger our issues about themselves on you. Especially, if you know how some folks are, you may have to decline in taking their photo. Also, give folks a disclaimer that you’ll only reveal the flags that they’re holding. Use Godly wisdom in when or who to be a photographer for. And for those who are asking folks for advice, don’t get mad when someone tells you what you already know or refuse to accept. Just thank the Lord that someone loves you enough to be honest, get yourself together, & when you’re ready say, “”CHEESE!” Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater