Day: May 22, 2023

Daily Devotion for May 22, 2023

Through all we go through in life, God promised to help us through them all. We may not know or understand why we go through things or why things happen, but nothing is outside of God’s care about you. No matter how tough or how independent you are, don’t ever think that you have to deal things by yourself. Listen! We all have our limitations. So, don’t expect one man to do a 2 man job. In other words… Accept the help for your life. This doesn’t mean that you’re weak or ain’t save. You’re just using the tools God has provided for you. Let these words be a reminder to you that we care about you & want to help carry the load. Remember, it’s ok to take a break. Even Superman had to take off his uniform. #We are the Super Friends! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater