Day: October 4, 2021

Daily Devotion for October 4, 2021

Today’s good leaders were yesterday’s good followers. Don’t feel like you’re wasting your time & your hard work doing what you do. Continue to be consistent & committed inspite of what it appears. Don’t let anger turn into unforgiveness to make you become like them when you become a leader. Take note (even under bad management) to know what to do & what NOT to do. Know that you’re not dealing with this for nothing. Use this time as training grounds that will help you not get comfortable in an entry level position, but to advance to become the right leader who will represent God & be fair & ethical with folks. Whichever person in authority that may be problematic (at work, family, church, etc), put them in God’s hands. Remember, focus on your part is being done unto God. Inspite of man not giving you your appreciation, God will bless you, promote you & give to you what you really deserve. #Persevere inspite of persecution! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater