Day: October 3, 2021

Daily Devotion for October 3, 2021

Sometimes you have to get by yourself to come to yourself! God wants to talk to you, but He doesn’t want you to bring folks with you that will distract you from listening & obeying Him. When was the last time you got quiet to seek God for yourself (& by yourself)? That’s too long! God wants you! LISTEN! GOD WANTS YOU to get somewhere QUIET for Him to talk to you & GUIDE you in your life! This is NOT an accident that you saw this message today! It was God’s purpose that He wanted you to see this today. Let today be the day that you start spending quality time with you & God alone. He knows you better than anyone & can help you with everything in your life. Know that God is approachable & wants to talk to you (directly) & wants you to talk with Him. May every insecurity, negative words, or bad thing that happened to you or whatever made you feel less than who God says that you are, leave your memory NOW, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! God is reminding you that you are NOT alone. He IS with you. May your healing process start NOW as you enjoy some quality time alone with you & our Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater