Day: September 16, 2021

Daily Devotion for September 16, 2021

Imagine a doctor giving someone you love a major surgery… Would you stop the doctor every 5 minutes during the surgery to ask him what he was doing? No! During the surgery, the doctor needs to really focus on that patient because the doctor may be against the clock to correct the issue. If the patient’s family wants an update, they must WAIT until the doctor is finished with the surgery & checking on the patient. If the doctor feels comfortable with the patient’s response to the procedure, when the doctor may visit the family personally or send word to the family by a staff member. The patient is the doctor’s top priority & anything or anyone else would be a distraction. In life, you may be asking God for an update on some issues you gave to Him. Listen! Just because you feel like God ain’t responding to your prayers, doesn’t mean He isn’t working on it. God may be at the operating table as we speak focusing on that problem. Don’t delay the surgery by distracting God. If you know God’s character, you’ll know that He’s not ignoring you. Be patient & know that God hadn’t forgotten about you! # Wait in the waiting room & let the Doctor do His job! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater