Day: September 11, 2021

Daily Devotion for September 11, 2021

20 years ago, we woke up to a horrible terrorist attack on America. The enemies gained access into America to kill many & it changed life as we knew it. The attackers didn’t concern themselves with what race you were. As long as your were an American, you were their target. Inspite of the outside attack we dealt with, we as Americans grieved together, helped restore each other & worked together as one. Now, 20 years later, we’re looking at each other as enemies! An attack on America is now an attack in America (January 6, 2021). The in fighting & racial division are at an all time high. The moral & ethic compass of America is low. We were once respected by other countries, now they’re laughing at us or disrespecting us. If a black person feel mistreatment & screams, “Black Lives Matter!” some folks will “correct them” & say, “All Lives Matter!” But if they are wrong for saying Black Lives Matter too!”, are we wrong for saying God Bless America!” & ask God to Bless THE WORLD? (They even have a song called God Bless America). I remember as a kid in school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance, Honor the Texas Flag, prayed & respect government & all officials (Elected officials & law enforcement). If for one day, we (AS AMERICAN) can put aside differences & focus on the common theme, we can do this EVERYDAY! God has been too good to America for us to treat Him & others so badly. God’s key word is LOVE! This means treat others EQUALLY as how God sees them! Remember, our U.S. currency says, “In God We Trust!” If we really trust Him, let’s obey Him! #Matthew 22:36-40 Love thy Neighbor as Thyself!” Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater