Day: April 3, 2021

Daily Devotion for April 3, 2021

Don’t let what you went through convince you that you will repeat it again. Use it as a landmark of where you been, not where you’re going! Know that it was only God that brought you from a mighty long ways. Just don’t give up! You may had started out crying, but you’ll end with shouting. Know that what He brought you through, won’t compare to where He’s taking you to. HALLELUJAH! And stand on it! In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

Night time Devotion for April 2, 2021

This is for you!
You may feel like God doesn’t hear you. And I know you’re tired of being tired & always going through something. Just know that He hears you & is closely working behind the scene. Don’t throw in the towel, when God got it to wipe your tears away. May God comfort you now & massage your heart & mind & give you the rest you need. Soon, all this stuff will be a thing of the past. Remember, God did NOT bring you THIS FAR to leave you. Be blessed & goodnight! #brotherprater
Brother Prater