Day: November 10, 2022

Daily Devotion for November 10, 2022

When the player has the ball, the opponents will do their best to stop them or make them give up the ball. But if the player makes it into the end zone, the opponents must stop because the player made it to their goal (or purpose). In life, God had placed the ball into our hands, but we get scared, worried or wanting to give up when the devil is after us. Shoots! The devil is doing his job, but we gotta do ours! It may take all we have, BUT we gotta keep on fighting no matter what comes our way or who leaves our team. Know that God has given you the play to run to get into the end zone. Now, He may not had told you all that would happen along the way, but He did promise us victory IF we don’t give up. Rely upon His ability, His strength & stay focused on the end zone! Be blessed! #brotherprater