Day: May 13, 2021

Daily Devotion for May 13, 2021

Somebody needs to hear this!
Never confuse a supportive friend with a jealous friend! Sure, both will smile in your face & be there to witness your success, but emotionally (& even spiritually) one is praising God for you, while the other is questioning God about you (or your blessings). A true supportive friend will keep the focus on you versus that jealous friend will center the focus on themselves, we, us or I. You will feel an uncomfortable feeling in your spirit (gut feeling) about that jealous person action or sly comments. Don’t get discouraged if you find out that your “ride or die friend” had been secretly plotting to assassinating you or your blessings. Keep your spiritual senses alert & ask God to help you decern the motives of those who tries to befriend you, monitor how much info you share with folks & help you to not be paranoid about it. Always consult God before you agree to anything & don’t let your “good heart” cause you to recruit someone who God didn’t assign to you. Shoots! Just because Judas was picked in a group, doesn’t mean that you have to pick him in yours! Remember, everybody don’t deserve keys into your business! #Sorry, but NOT SORRY! Hey! Somebody had to Say It! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater