Day: May 11, 2021

Daily Devotion for May 11, 2021

As I was driving in the storm last night, it was so bad that I couldn’t see the lanes to drive in When I finally existed off the ramp, I told God that I couldn’t see nothing & I needed Him to help me see my path. Immediately, a big red emergency truck with flashing light came along side me & God told me to follow that trucks path. Because of the light on the truck, I was able to clearly see my way, followed the truck & it led me home. Last night showed me that when the storms of life come your way, immediately go to God for help. But besides giving it to God, the other important lesson was… Following His direction. So often we pray to God for help but, when He tells us what to do, we do the complete opposite of what He says or do a little of it & a lot of what WE WANT TO DO. Know that God knows way more than us about our situation. Avoid wasting God’s time or dealing with unnecessary drama by going ahead & doing what God told you to do. Remember, when you follow God’s plan, you’ll make it to your destination safely. Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater