Daily Devotion for March 26, 2021

Somebody needs to hear this!
Don’t allow your trust issues with folks make you have trust issues with God. I know when people lie to you, use you or break your trust, it’ll make you want to shut down & not fool with anybody else. But, in those moments, satan will try to make you think that God will do the same thing to you. Know that God is NOT like people. He won’t lie to you, use you or manipulate you. He love you & always has your best interest in His heart. He is always concerned about you. You can tell Him all your secrets, concerns or past mistakes & He won’t look at you any differently. Spend quality time with Him & His Word. It will rebuild all your hope that may have been lost by people. Remember, you can put ALL your confidence in God. It’s safe only in Him! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater

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