Day: May 19, 2022

Daily Devotion for May 19, 2022

I know it seems like you just can’t reach that person or make them understand. Everytime you try to talk to them, it ends up becoming a big argument. Sometimes you say, “Forget it!” You don’t wanna even deal with them. You’re sick & tired of the drama. Stop what you’re doing & start pray now! There may be a spiritual or emotional interference that may be blocking the communication. Now, along with praying for them, make sure you pray for yourself. See, just because you pray for them, that does NOT mean that they will change, but those prayers will help you not to let them affect or get to you if they don’t change. Regardless if it’s your kids, babymama, babydaddy, spouse, kinfolks, coworkers, kinfolks, church folks, or (just in case you couldn’t hear me) kinfolks, let Jesus be the mediator in every situation. He will set the scene, the timing & give you the verbiage in what to say, what NOT to say & how to say it, so it could be received or (in case that person rejects you), the responsibility doesn’t fall upon you. You just be responsible for you doing the right thing. Be obedient to what God told you, so He can deal with them instead of you. Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater