Day: July 6, 2021

Daily Devotion for July 6, 2021

This morning, I opened my front door & saw a huge dog in my view. Well, since it was walking away from my house, I kept walking to my trash can. After I dumped the trash, I turned around & saw 2 bigger dogs right by my car. When I saw them, I noticed that they were staring right at me. I was determined to get into my car, so I could go to work. As I got closer to my car, I noticed that one of the dogs had a dog harness on it. I made it inside my car & God begin to give me revelation. When I 1st stepped outside, the 1st dog was a distraction to confuse me. When I saw my car (my goal), the 2 dogs that were right by my car, were designed to intimidate me, cause fear & panic to change my mind about get into my car. But the harness on one of the dogs was to show me that if I tamed that one, the other l will control too, if I remind myself of who I am. In life, when you decide to go out to pursue the purpose God has for you, satan will bring distraction to throw you off. And when you see your goals, there will be more conflict, problems, etc to make you think that it ain’t worth it. That’s when you have to remember who you are & who’s you are. Always expect something or someone to be close to your goal to bring you discouragement or fear. Don’t give in to it! Remember, regardless of the presence of obstacles or enemies, goals were never created for you to walk away from. With the help of God, you too can get into your car & go to work! Be blessed! #brotherprater
Brother Prater